Snow Joke – Day 75

Can you believe it – my son’s school is closed tomorrow! The Beast From The East has a lot to answer for. It’s really cold out there, but where we live, there is barely enough snow to cover a digestive biscuit.

Still, just seeing the white stuff makes me want to eat a lot and go to bed early, so I thought I’d better write this before I fall asleep.

It’s been a productive day. We took the kids sledging, I went for a run, I’ve dealt with a few corporate card orders, made a Facebook ad for Easter pop-up cards and done a couple of hours of proper writing. Hell, I deserve a bit of Netflix in bed with popcorn.

Following the business coaching, I have to get serious with my planning next week. I have blocked off at least three hours in my diary for this purpose.

Tomorrow I am doing a day of training for BAD as I am now on the leadership team. At the moment, I am not sure if this is such a great idea, but we’ll see.

It’s nearly April and I am no closer to a million than I was on December 31st, but I still feel as if I have travelled a long way. There are eight months of the year left and as I don’t know how this story ends, I will simply have to have faith.

Personal manifesto

I believe!


  1. You drive yourself really hard. I feel like a layabout in comparison to the schedules you make daily. I admire your ambition, which I don’t have: I’m more about “being” than “doing,” I guess. I accept this about myself, though there are times when I feel somewhat “less than” because of it. Maybe I’m a lot older than you; maybe I’ve come to acknowledge my limitations or just my nature. That said, while I hope you’re taking good care of yourself, I’m also cheering you on!


    • Thanks so much for following and liking my posts. And cheering me on. I like the sound of being a layabout right now – I bet you’re having more fun than me! I am writing this in bed while eating toffee popcorn if that makes you feel better! You don’t have to have a mental schedule to be a badass – I think that is something I am slowly coming to realise.


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