Snowmaggedon – again – Day 74

Snowmaggedon is back. A dusting of icing-sugar from Siberia has turned my neighbourhood into a Christmas card scene again and in this house, we reacted by hunkering down, eating a lot of cake and refusing to step outside. The dog did get a walk, but it was unusually brisk.

Not much to report on the millionaire front. I managed a couple of hours of proper writing today and might have got a bit more done had I not fallen asleep at 8pm. I must be getting old. I bet there aren’t many people under the age of 80 who drift off at that time. Maybe I have narcolepsy.

It’s 1am on Sunday now. As usual, I am wide awake and as my husband rather snippily reminded me, that is because I have already had five hours sleep. I have been banished from the bedroom and am writing this in the kitchen, which is not good as I am perilously close to a great hunk of chocolate banana bread.

My son has a cross country race in Rugby tomorrow and I am praying it is not cancelled – largely because I want him and his dad out of the house for most of the day so that I can do more writing. My son has a habit of invading my office where there are a couple of spare computers. He likes to do his homework to a backdrop of thrashing music that gives me a headache.

New pop-up cards turned up the other day and more corporate orders are coming in, which is encouraging. We sold our first Great White Shark pop-up card today – a relief as I wondered if I’d picked a dud with that one. It was incredibly hard to take a good picture of it. It needs to be done with the sea as a backdrop, but with snowmaggedon upon us, that’s not happening in the immediate future.

I am trying not to do too much this weekend, which is tough as following my coaching workshops, I have a great long list of tasks that need to be done to take me one step further on the road to a million – which is about £999,999 away right now, although I shouldn’t say that as it isn’t in the spirit of the law of attraction and all that.

Personal manifesto

I am a millionaire. Really. Me and money, we’re really close. It’s love.

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