A BAD day – Day 74

From now on, I am making an effort to log my time, so that I can work out how much each client is getting. Today, including travel, six and a half precious hours were spent on the compulsory training that is part of BAD.

You have to pay for it too. £25 and six and a half hours for the privilege of being spoken to like a six-year-old. It’s pitched as helping you to help your business, but actually, it’s a veiled attempt to get you to sell membership on their behalf. It really puts me off BAD. On the upside, fellow members from my group were present and I enjoy their company, but still, I am wondering if the whole butties at dawn thing is right for me.

The rest of today was spent on a press release and various e-mails sent on behalf of clients. I’ve also spent time moving washing around the house, cooking for the family and ferrying adolescents to and from activities. It’s going to be interesting to see how many hours I spend on serving the ‘family.’ More than my husband, that’s for sure!

We’ve got a financial advisor coming to see us this evening, so hopefully, he’ll come up with a couple of easy ways to make a million by the end of the year without resorting to selling a kidney or two.

No time for proper writing today or rubbish TV. And it’s a fasting day, so all in all, totally ‘meh’.

Still, tomorrow’s another day and it features food, ballet and my creative writing class – if you added an espresso martini to the mix, it’d be the perfect 24 hours!

Personal manifesto

Money and I are having a big love affair. We can’t get enough of each other.



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