Planning to plan – Day 75

I blocked off some time to work ‘on’ my business today and decided to trawl through LinkedIn to see if my contacts had any contacts worth meeting. Turns out I know a lot of people with connections to finance and tech companies, neither of which are a good match for my skill set.

That doesn’t mean I am abandoning the plan, I will drill down a little deeper tomorrow. I also think it is worth me jotting down my top 100 companies, even if I think the prospect of working for them is remote.

I have asked a few people to write me recommendations as it struck me there are none on my profile and nothing sells better than a testimonial – I tell this to clients all the time.

I’ve just come back from the creative writing class and my first 4,000 was under discussion. It went down well and my fellow scribes gave me some really insightful feedback. These nuggets are gold dust for me and I am so grateful to all the people who have read my work and bothered to give such intelligent commentary.

I have a meeting in town tomorrow with a client and I intend to take some of the London landmark pop-up cards with me to shoot them in situ – I am praying to doesn’t rain.

It’s the Easter holidays soon and I am not going to schedule any meetings in for those two weeks. The kids are growing up fast and aside from the fact that I’d like to spend time with them, they need haircuts, dental appointments and several pairs of £50 shoes each. Honestly, I’d have been a millionaire long ago if it weren’t for the kids!

Personal manifesto

A badass is a badass whether it has been a good day or bad. I am that badass.

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