Is that the time? – Day 76

Today has rushed past in a flash and yet again, I don’t appear to have achieved much apart from giving myself a headache.

I had a long meeting at a very trendy WeWork place full of hipsters with Apple laptops this afternoon. I honestly didn’t think they would let me into the building I am that uncool.

A new client has come on board, but I am not wildly excited as their expectations are way too high. The reality check is the first thing I have to deal with and it rarely goes down well.

There is a whole raft of people who are asking for some PR help on a limited budget with not much to say. I waste a lot of time on this crowd and I have got to toughen up. I think a straight ‘no’ will save heartache all round.

It brings me back to this whole notion that I am looking in the wrong places for the right clients. This is the one thing I have to figure out if I am to grow the PR business. Again, I am not sure these small local networking groups are cutting it.

I am going to sleep on it – not for long, as I have a 5am start.

Personal manifesto

I’m tired, my headaches, but I am still a badass!

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