Five things – Day 75

There was a huge chunk of time crossed out in my diary today that read ‘Work ON the business.’ I would have ignored it, had I not used a luminous orange highlighter to remind me not to.

I had promised myself and the business coach that instead of fire fighting all week, I would take time out to work ON the business.

The first thing I did was get specific about who my ideal client is. It’s easy. It’s a TV show. I wrote about telly as a journo for decades. All my friends are showbiz writers. It’s what I know.

I told myself that I’d never get those kind of clients as the industry is all sewn up. Says who? Says me, but not any more…

I took a leaf out of the chicken man’s book and decided to write to 5 people who could be my ideal client. So, I mailed some people in the TV industry via LinkedIn. One got back to me – we happen to be at the same social event this weekend, so will chat about it then.

I aim to do at least 5 things a day to further my business. Taken as a whole, working ON the business feels a bit scary, but if I chunk it down to 5 things a day, it feels doable.

I’ve also done some work on the novel today. I got some superb feedback from my fellow scribes in class on Tuesday and thanks to them, the idea is taking shape nicely.

It’s BAD tomorrow. Since the training earlier in the week, I have bumped into numerous people who were also there. They all agreed that the training was a dire waste of time but urged me to ‘accept’ it and concentrate on the bits of BAD that work. I thought this was good advice.

Great news on the cards – another corporate client who wants 500. It seems that corporate is the way forward. Much easier to sell 500 – 1000 cards in one go, than a few here and there!

Personal manifesto

Mirror mirror on the wall, who’s the biggest badass of them all? ME!!!


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