Is it the weekend yet? – Day 76

I am zonked. All I want to do is go to bed with Netflix, but it’s only 5pm and my ballet class is at 8pm. It’s such a long day when you get up at 5am.

I spent another hour trawling through LinkedIn to see if there were any more potential clients to contact and only managed to write to two – still, that’s two more than zero.

Two clients are late with their payments this month, so the bank account is not looking healthy. I know that according to Jen, The Secret and all those other Law of Attraction aficionados, I am not supposed to dwell on the negative, but watching the cash rush out when none is coming in, is scary.

I have to submit my first 3,000 words to the online writing course to be considered for the selective course this weekend, but I also have to take my dad to a hospital appointment and film a bunch of kids making cookies for a social media account. There is not going to be a lot of spare time.

The good news is…what is the good news? Errm. It was sunny today. My headache is better and I’m still feeling buoyed by the corporate card orders. Now that is one bonus of having fingers in lots of pies, when two burn, there is still a good one left in the oven. Pardon the metaphor, I did say I was tired!

Whatever happens, I must try and relax this weekend. Burning out isn’t going to do me any favours and I’ve already learned that good things happen when I let go. I intend to let go with a nice cocktail in my hand at party on Saturday night. Chin chin!

Personal manifesto

Even when I don’t look or feel like one, I am, deep down, a badass.



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