A blur – day 78

Today seems to have gone past in a blur. This is not helped by the fact that I went to bed at 3am, the clocks went forward and I had a few more gin and tonics than I normally would on a Saturday night.

There hasn’t been anything in the way of me time or pleasure today. I’ve done lots of work, ferried kids around and cleaned up after the teenage son, whose capacity for creating mess knows no bounds.

I am off to more hospital appointments with my dad tomorrow, so badassery is going to have to wait. I also have a long list of small business owners who want help with PR and I think I am going to have to turn them all down. I have calculated that 25% of my time goes on non-starters – people who want free PR advice. This has got to stop.

Anyway, I am up at 6am, so time for a bit of trashy TV before I fall asleep.

Personal manifesto

Money, I still love you!

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