Waiting rooms – Day 77


Ooops. Another late post. I spent most of yesterday in hospital waiting rooms, drinking dodgy tea and eating the kind of food that’s a fast track to the cardiac ward.

I was with my dad who’s 86. I won’t bore you with his long list of medical complaints, but I will say one thing, getting old is a drag.

I realised two things yesterday. Firstly, we’re all going to peg it at some point, so it’s best to start enjoying life right now, regardless of how much is in the bank. Secondly, family will always come above and beyond work.

He’s got to have more tests tomorrow, so yet more time in the hospital waiting room. I shall be taking my laptop, but not sure I’ll be getting much done.

On another note, I have had some nice replies from one or two of the TV people I approached about PR. I realised that I feel a bit weird about promoting myself, which is odd, because when it comes to bigging up my clients, I am doggedly persistent. I just need to apply my tried and tested PR methods to myself.

There’s a lot to do today. I am filming another course at the bakery, I’ve got homework for the writing course and tomorrow’s work stuff will need to be done today. No rest for the wicked.


Personal manifesto

Badassery will see me through.

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