Off sick – 80

In-between caring for my daughter who has been off sick with a raging temperature and thinking about what to do next about my dad’s ill health, there’s been no time for badassery. Right now, I couldn’t care less about making a million. Money is definitely not the be all.

I have a coaching session tomorrow and am worried about how on the ball I am going to be regarding my targets. It’s hard to be single-minded about work matters when you’re concerned about your nearest and dearest. They do after all, matter more than the business of business.

It’s a question of prioritising and people must come first at the moment. I did however make it to the writing class tonight and that lifted my mood no end. It’s our last session next week and we’re off to the pub afterwards, so that’s not one to be missed. One of my fellow scribes has just told me she was so embarrassed about being a tee total, she had five gin and tonics at the last end of term knees up and had to be carried home.

She is my age and I wondered why she cared so much about what others thought. She appears so outwardly confident, it’s strange to think she’d get smashed, just to fit in. I did that as a teenager, but can’t imagine repeating it now. Or maybe I can in the light of how this week is going so far!

Gin is everywhere at the moment and I’ve just worked out that I rather like it. This could prove dangerous. It’d be ironic if this blog ended on Dec 31st 2018 with me broke and alcoholic. In fact, I shouldn’t be having those thoughts at all. It’s very non badass. Tsk.

There was some good news today. Got a nice piece of coverage for a client in a national publication and corporate card orders continue to trickle in. Onwards!

Personal manifesto

Normal badassery will resume shortly.

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