Lift off – day 81


I had to fill in my fortnightly coaching focus sheet this morning – I should have done it last week, not a couple of hours before the group coaching session, but better late than never. I wrote that my motivation level was 30%, but when I walked out of there an hour later, I was at 80% and the badass vibe was back on.

So, what happened in the space of that 60 minutes that changed things so drastically? Someone (my coach Sanjiv) held up a mirror to my business and allowed me to see the blind spots.

These were:

  • I am owed £11.5K. Some people are up to 60 days late with their payments. How have I allowed this to happen. ‘Are you a charity?’ asked Sanjiv.
  • I haven’t got specific about who my ideal client is and that is why I cannot find them.
  • I am not getting any referrals – this isn’t because I’m rubbish, it’s due to the fact that I’m not asking properly.
  • I am over servicing my clients. Each one is getting around £300 worth of PR per week that they don’t pay for.
  • I cannot allocate time to spend on the novel if I don’t first work out where my time is going.
  • All this early networking is not paying off because the people I meet are not ‘ideal clients’. Worse still, they don’t even know ‘ideal’ clients, which is why I get an endless stream of bitty jobs that cost me more than they pay.

My task for the next fortnight is to sort his lot out as well as write a list of my top 100 dream clients. I then have to systematically target said 100 with the single-mindedness and determination I exhibit when trying to get PR coverage. I am brilliant at turning a ‘maybe’ into a ‘yes’ for my clients, so why can’t I do this for myself?

‘You have got to treat yourself like an important client,’ said my coach. It’s so true.

Now that I have clear, manageable tasks, I feel invigorated. I also promised myself a trip to the spa, when I manage to recoup all the money I’m owed. I could really do with that right now.

Personal manifesto

I’ve got a plan. I’m sticking to it. Badass town is mine.

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