Closing time- Day 82

I didn’t get much done yesterday – I’m even posting this a day late. The UK was on the verge of shutdown. Easter is coming and everyone was downing tools. The feeling was catching and I thought ‘What the hell? Let’s switch off the computer and have a chocolate egg.’

This was only 24 hours after the coaching session that had got me all fired up and raring to go. How did I go from rocket launcher to flat on my back watching Netflix so fast?

It’s scary how fleeting my badass moods can be sometimes. I honestly felt like Waynetta Slob yesterday and had my PJs on by 6pm. There was a BAD social event in the evening, but I didn’t hold out much hope of being awake past 9pm.

But you know, a person can’t set the world on fire every day.  Even Richard Branson has his off days, I’m sure.

Personal manifesto

If I’m not a badass today, I’ll be one tomorrow.

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