Liposuction – Day 83

I’ve been at the mother-in-law’s for lunch today and she fed us so much, I am dreaming of liposuction. Actually, that’s not strictly true as I am writing this with a small bowl of mini chocolate eggs by my side.

It’s been nice to have yet another lazy day, but I have managed to do a bit of novel writing, in bed. I find the only way I can write these days is to get under the duvet, lock the bedroom door and tap away on the laptop.

I’ve been practicing my ballet too. I gallantly volunteered to appear in the dancing school’s Swan Lake in June, but when the teacher showed us the routine, I panicked. It involved waltzing, backwards, whilst spinning around. Hell, it’s taken me a whole year to learn how to do a ballet waltz step from side to side.

I told my 12-year-old daughter I was pulling out of the show and she replied ‘Why are you saying that? You haven’t even tried.’

She had a point. One of the other women in the class filmed the dance on her phone and sent it round. My daughter watched it, memorised the moves and very patiently showed me how to do it.

‘I can’t!’ I cried. ‘It’s making me dizzy.’ My daughter rolled her eyes at me. ‘People who go around saying ‘I can do this’ never achieve anything,’ she said.  Wise words from one so young.

Thanks to her sweet patience, I know the routine. My husband did comment that I look like a spin bowler who occasionally plays for the Third Reich reserve team, but I refuse to listen to him. What does he know about ballet?

I need to apply what I’ve learned here to all aspects of my life. I need to be a can do kind of person, not a ‘can’t.’

Personal manifesto

I can achieve just about anything, because I am a badass.

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