Barbs and drips – Day 86

I’ve achieved very little today aside from another hospital visit, finishing my writing course homework and having a barney with a shopper who had decided to verbally attack a young female beggar within my earshot.

I think the fact that I have been worried about my dad and surrounded by frail old codgers in the urology ward made me even more vehement in the defence of the beggar.

The shopper accused her of being a con artist. ‘Look!’ he cried. ‘She has nice shoes’ as if you can tell a person’s standing by their shoes alone. Perhaps she did have cash in her back pocket and maybe she was scamming people, but still, she was a lone, young woman and I was shocked to see passers-by gawping and doing nothing as she was lambasted by the idiot.

She didn’t seem to care less about his barbed insults and one minute, I looked up and everyone was gone apart from me and a security guard who assumed I had started a fracas.

In other news, there were lots of drips, catheters and beeping machines in Dad’s ward today. He managed a whole sandwich and a cup of tea, which was something to celebrate.

He is having an op tomorrow. I must try not to worry and get some work done. I am nowhere near a million, nowhere nearer even than when I started this blog. Hopefully dad will rally and I will find the fire in my belly again. Thank God it’s Easter and there’s chocolate in the house.

Personal manifesto

Badass is in the house. Always.

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