On the up – day 87

My dad is still in the urology ward with its drips, catheters and beeping machines, but he’s feeling brighter and ate a proper meal today. I’m in a better mood too. I can feel badassery in my veins today.

£300 landed on my lap at the weekend. From nowhere. With very little effort. This seems to happen a lot more since I took the vow of badassery. Yes, they are small amounts and WAY off the magic £1m mark, but something has definitely changed. This time two years ago, I was toiling through eight hour shifts to earn £120 a day and out of that, £20 went on travel.

I continue to reach out to my top 100 clients. One replied today. Not with an offer of work, but an invite for coffee if I am ever passing. That was encouraging – the coffee would be in Wales, but I have family there, so it’s not entirely impossible.

It’s funny how things pan out. Years ago, when I was at the height of my career in journalism, my sister headed a PR department for a TV company and I got to meet one of her juniors. He was very junior back then and today, I found myself writing to him asking for PR work. It felt strange seeing him called a ‘Director’ when I had known him as the assistant who occasionally had his knuckles rapped – not literally, of course!

Anyway, I feel hopeful today. I believe that anything is possible if you put your mind to it. If assistants can become directors in the blink of an eye, my rise in the world of PR can be stratospheric too!

It’s the last writing class at the local uni today and we’re off to the pub afterwards. Mine’s a G&T, heavy on the G.  After the events of the past week I really think I deserve a drink. Or two.

Personal manifesto

See. I am a money magnet. £300 came to me, just like that!


  1. Happy Belated Birthday, Ms BadAss! Sorry I’m a bit late to the game; my blog, which is incognito and which I update only when there’s no danger of interruption, is where I keep the link to your blog so that I can keep up with you and your badass doings.

    It’s so true that when a loved one is in danger of losing his life, our usual big concerns shrink considerably. This is as it should be; it’s too bad we can’t seem to maintain this focus all the time! But maybe that’s not even possible or we’d live in a state of high anxiety. I hope your dad will be okay.

    I love that you stuck up for the panhandler. Most people say nothing. You’ve impressed me as a person with guts.


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