Jackpot – Day 88

I hit the PR jackpot today with a piece of coverage in the biggest online newspaper in the UK – 13 million visits a day. Of course, the client wasn’t entirely happy, but they rarely are.

The headline is wrong, or there is no product shot, ‘Why didn’t they say X, Y and Z?’ etc etc. I do explain until I am blue in the face that I don’t have editorial control and they are lucky to get a mention on such a popular platform, but my words fall on deaf ears. Sometimes I loathe PR!

The PR lady I met at my group coaching workshop charges 10 times more than I do and confessed that she never gets National coverage. I ascertain from this that my rates are way too low and client expectations are way too high. I need to reverse this.

Still, I gave myself a big pat on the back, looked into the mirror and told my reflection that I am bloody good at this PR lark. I just need to convince clients with big budgets of this fact.

Dad’s still in hospital and the kids are still off school – today we had operation headlice as the girls are swarming with them. The thought of it made my head itch, so I doused myself with insecticide in the process.

I am trying to leverage my big PR hit by reaching out to potential clients and letting them know that I make headlines where it matters,  but my heart’s not really in it while there are kids to delouse and my dad to worry about. So many plates, only two arms!

I’m off to see dad tomorrow, so won’t get much more done than the bare essentials this week.  I deserve a break. I’m an underpaid genius!

Personal manifesto

I am great at my job and should be paid for my expertise. I deserve a badass income.



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