Zzzzzz – Day 89

I’m wiped out. A week of worry and hospital visits has taken it’s toll and all I want to do now is sleep – and that’s what I shall do when I have written this post.

I resigned from BAD this morning, which means I no longer have to rise at 5am every Friday and will save 24+ hours of time a month. If I use half of that time doing proper writing, my book should be finished by the end of summer.

I am supposed to be keeping track of my time to the second, but as it is the Easter hols and my dad is sick I have put that on hold as so many hours are being spent on family with work squeezed into small gaps wherever possible.

The sun came out today and everything looked glorious. The trees are covered in buds and the local beer gardens are rammed. I however am in my PJs about to have an early night.

I intend to rest up this weekend and attack the following week with vim and vigour. I start work with a new client, I have an interview with a potential new one and there’s a possible TV interview in the offing. Onwards!

Personal manifesto

Things take time. Badasses need sleep too!

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