More zzzzz – day 90

I am still whacked. I went for a run this morning hoping it would wake me up, it didn’t. Then I took an effervescent vitamin C tablet. That didn’t work either. I’ve gone about the day in a daze and am about to have an early night.

My daughter wants to watched Gilmore Girls with me, which is fine as I usually fall asleep when we do this. She has head lice, so I will try not to get too close – we’ve tried two lots of treatment and they still haven’t been eradicated.

On the plus side, I have done my homework for the writing course. Tomorrow I need to research a potential new client I am talking to on Monday. And I am off to the hospital again to see Dad.

That’s it, the weekend in a blur. I see from my Facebook page that various friends are enjoying exotic Easter holidays as I type. Next year, that has to be me!

Personal manifesto

Even badasses are allowed to feel tired.

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