Having it all – Day 92




I am not doing a great job of having it all at the moment. Between doctor’s and hair appointments for my kids and hospital visits to my dad, there’s not a whole lot of time for business.

I have a session with my coach on Wednesday who is going to ask me how many hours I spent ‘on’ the business since we last met. The answer will be something along the lines of it being a miracle I am there at all and not wearing nightclothes (I hope).

I have an interview with a potential new client in an hour and then I have to rush off to pick Dad up as he’s been discharged. That’s the good news. The bad news is, I am not sure if he is well enough to cope alone and know that if we try and kidnap him for his own good, he will resist.

How anyone ever makes a million with kids and parents to look after, I’ll never know. I’ve never felt further away from fortune.

It strikes me that I haven’t said a mantra for weeks and my gratitude stone is covered in dust. Somehow, I need to get back on the progamme. Just not now. It will have to wait until everyone is back at school and dad fixed or at least being looked after.

There hasn’t been a lot of ‘me’ time recently. It’s my husband’s birthday in a fortnight and I think I might book him tickets for a show…so that I can have a night out!


Personal manifesto

Badass 365 days a year, that’s me.


PS Apologies for not posting yesterday. There was no news. Just more catheters, rain on the motorway and a pounding headache.


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