Light at the end of the tunnel – Day 93

My dad is catheter free (a long story in itself) and feels fantastic. We’re going to pick him up from hospital and take him home this afternoon. Hurrah! Normality is coming into view.

It’s April now and my quest for £1 million has so far failed spectacularly. Yes, I know, it is a negative sentence and I need to watch my words, but really, I am about £999,999 off!

I have a session with the coach tomorrow, which will mean another reality check. More questions. He won’t ask me how I am going to make a million exactly, as like Jen he tends to chunk it down.

He’ll want to know if I have contacted my top 100 clients yet. No, but I have reached out to 28, so I’m getting there. That’s been one of my biggest achievements of the past fortnight. I’ve had four responses out of the 28, which isn’t great as I do know half the people I contacted, but hey, that could translate to 16 out of 100, which may result in a new client, or two!

My next task is my newsletter, a round up of things that I have achieved in the last quarter, which I send to people I am trying to court. Obviously, I won’t be mentioning the catheter shenanigans or the Easter eggs I ate in bed.

One thing I must do is start thinking more positively. Negative thoughts have not so much crept in as taken over. I need to work on that.

Oh well, every fortune starts with the first penny and the most important thing to remember is, progress has been made!

Personal manifesto

Hell I’m good at what I do!

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