Tough love – day 93

I went in the ring with my business coach today and got hit with some stark reality. It was painful, but worth it…I think!

First, he asked me to set some SMART goals. Now, saying I am going to make £1m by telling my reflection that I love it and wishing on a pebble is apparently NOT a SMART goal. It is wishful thinking. Boo!

I’ve got to get real. This is where we are. I am really very good at PR and I am only just breaking even. How does somebody as good as me, earn so little? By wishing on pebbles and not taking concrete action, apparently.

He asked me to set a realistic goal for turnover in the next year. I came up with £150K. That’s a long way off £1m, but so be it. This means I need to find another £7K per month. I also agreed that I wouldn’t take on any clients for less than £2.5K per month as the small fry take up a lot of time and don’t generate a great deal of profit. They’ve got to go.

So, how do I find those decent payers? I must continue working my way through the top 100 list of dream clients who have cash and think of ways of nudging them in a sort of little and often fashion. I came up with the idea of using one of our pop-up cards with my PR branding on it – I’ve just ordered 300. More spending – making a fortune is so expensive!

I had another piece in a big hitting paper this week and STILL the client is not entirely happy. I spoke to the coach about this and the other PR in the room (it’s a group coaching thing) suggested I sit down with them and ask them what ‘good’ looks like. I then need to tell them exactly how much that would cost. I sent an e-mail suggesting this earlier today.

I haven’t done any proper writing aside from course homework, my excuse being endless hospital visits and the Easter hols. My dad is back at home and the kids are back at school next week, so there will be no more excuses. I’ve just downloaded a writing tool called Scrivener, now all I need to do is find the time to learn how to use the damn thing.

Personal manifesto

I am a great PR and should therefore paid a great deal. My badass self says so.


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