Mediocre mother – Day 94

I finally spent some time with one of my children today and I’m sure that elevates me from bad mother to mediocre. It was nothing to write home about, I took her to M&M’s World, bought her a Chinese and then forked out £5 for a vat of bubble tea – or squash with extra large frog spawn. What is it with the bubble tea phenomenon?

It’s been a good day. I sat down with a new client and worked out a PR strategy. I got another corporate order for pop-up cards and I even spent 20% of my day on marketing myself, just like I promised my coach I would.

Having a coach is so good for me. I was always too afraid not to hand in homework at school and the same goes for this. There’s no way I’m showing up without having done the work.

I’m shattered now. I should be doing proper writing, but the craving for crap TV is too much. I can’t help myself…

Personal manifesto

I’m a badass mutha!

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