A good talking to – Day 94

I gave myself a good talking to this morning as I roamed the neighbourhood with my dog who has a real knack of finding chicken bones just about anywhere. Honestly, I hear a furtive ‘crunch’ every few hundred yards.

There is every reason to feel optimistic I told myself. I have 5 good solid PR clients, I’m dong some nice corporate card orders and most importantly, my family are well and happy.

A new TV show I’m watching sprang to mind. It’s called the Santa Clarita Diet. I won’t ruin it for you, but in the beginning, this woman pukes up some strange thing that looks like an avocado pear. From that moment on, she’s a zombie.

In the same way that she ejects her humanity, I need to do the same with my negativity. If I could barf it and flush it, that would be nice. I tried visualising this, but it made me feel queasy, so I gave up.

What I need to do now is make inroads into the book. We have to hand in 2,000 words to the online tutors on Thursday so some proper writing has to be done this weekend.

A few people have said that my plot sounds like a TV drama. This is a good thing. Selling the rights of your novel to a TV production company can be lucrative. I have to believe that this novel is going to be good and that it will be published. I have to. The chicken man believed in himself and got published on the 144th time of trying. If he can, so can I. The hard bit is going to be the writing!

Personal manifesto

There is a best selling novel just bursting to get out of me. I am a badass writer.

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