Enjoying the moment – Day 96

The sun shone today – woohoo! I took my dad out to lunch and we spent a good half an hour sitting in some gorgeous public gardens sniffing hyacinths and drinking tea.  I guess this is known as savouring the moment.

I don’t do this often enough. I am always focusing on the next task – a blog post, a chapter of the book, reaching out to potential new clients etc etc etc. It’s an exhausting whirl of activity that doesn’t leave much time for enjoying the here and now.

Really, what’s the point if you don’t stop to appreciate the right now? That’s all we’ve ever got after all. The past doesn’t exist, it’s gone and the future is always, well, in the future.

I read an entire novel on the journey to and from Dad’s – the trains were up the spout so it was the dreaded rail replacement service. The novel was excellent. It made me realise how much hard work has to go into writing a really great book.

I’ve promised myself that I will write 500 words a day. That will be 3,500 a week, 14,000 a month. It is the only way to make inroads into my stagnant novel.

This post is a day late, tsk, so I won’t drone on – I’ll save the rest for later.

Personal manifesto

I love my life and will take the time to look around and admire the view.

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