Networking in the right places – Day 97

500 words of proper writing have been completed and the level of drivel has improved. I’ve put together a press release and attended my first ‘networking’ event in the TV industry.

It wasn’t strictly a networking event, it was a talk about the gender pay gap and it was inspiring sitting there and listening to ballsy women like Harriet Harman state that enough is enough – women should be paid the same as men. It’s 2018 FFS!

I had the urge to scuttle away into the night afterwards, but instead, approached a few of the women who’d spoken out. I’m glad I did. They were my kind of women.

I’d been dreading the evening, but actually, really enjoyed it. I found myself nodding and muttering ‘here, here’ with great gusto throughout. My daughters are lucky that women like this, women like me, are paving the way for them. I’ve made a mental note to tell them to act like men when it comes to money – there’s no need to be shy about asking for it!

It’s 10pm, I should go to sleep, but I reckon I’ve earned half an hour of telly in bed before I drop off.

Personal manifesto

Things take time – I am taking badass steps in the right direction.

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