Time to tackle time – Day 98

I’m aware that I haven’t sat down and worked out where my time goes as my coach has instructed and now he’s scheduled a 30 minute chat with me tomorrow morning for a progress report. I really need to find an app or something that makes this time calculating business a little less…time consuming.

I was using A Tracker on my iPad, but I was forced to use a wheel to input timings and worked out that 10 per cent of my time was going on working out where my time was going…

Not much to report today. I managed to write 500 proper words. I connected with a few of the people I met at last night’s talk and I’ve vowed to lose half a stone before the beach weather hits – I do this every year. I have a perfect beach body, for a whale!

I have really upped my marketing and continue to reach out to new people. I have had a few replies and even had an enquiry today. This lark really works, so I must continue, even though it’s mighty tiring.

Anyway, it’s midnight. Time for some shut eye. Good night!

Personal manifesto

I am awesome. So are you.


  1. I’ve made myself a daily/weekly/monthly planner and it’s been an eye-opener. How unrealistic I’ve always been when plotting my routines! Wow. If I were to follow every schedule I’ve ever made for myself, I’d never have five minutes of freedom. I’d be too busy.

    The tip that helped me:
    1. Each day, only two or three things can be in the Top Priority list.

    When I get those two or three things done, I feel pretty good about myself. Putting a checkmark in my planner makes me want to get onto the next list: Medium Priority. (Studies show that making the checkmark or crossing off a task in your list actually signals your brain with dopamine or something, motivating you to want to do more.) Checking those off feels good too; I’m practically noble if those get done. I don’t feel like I’m falling behind anymore.

    I still haven’t gotten around to all the To-Do’s that are lowest priority, and that’s a lengthy list — mostly play, or long-term projects not yet started, or big jobs like getting the windows washed… never top priority, at least not right now, but someday they may be moved to another list.

    I’m getting a handle on my days. I’m trying to build-in lots of “unscheduled” time, i.e., afternoons when there’s no errand to run or laundry to do. I end up doing something, of course, but there’s room to move…room to read a book or take a nap. If a friend phones for a long conversation, I’m not hooped. If Himself invites me to go for a drive, I’m free to go. If I’m migrainey … well, you get my drift. The “schedule” is fluid to nonexistent, and the list of must-do’s is not overly ambitious — though my days are full enough, so maybe it’s more ambitious than I credit myself for.

    All this to say I have many times written out tight schedules for myself. I never stuck to them and now I can see why: they were too tight. They weren’t realistic.

    The planner, and priority “limitation” and “level,” have been revelations.

    I’m following your days with great interest! It’s always interesting to see how you approach them.


    • I totally get what you’re saying about room to breathe. I took a few hours off to walk the dog and sit in some rare sunshine today and it was heavenly. I write a list every day of must do tasks and always get them done. It’s the stuff like getting the windows done and my teeth fixed that I never get round to. My planner is a mess. I need to sort it out! Thanks for reading me. Xx


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