Nearly 100 – Day 99

Gosh. It’s nearly day 100 of my £1m challenge. I’m not great at maths, but by now, I should be around £300K up and I’m not. Still, I had a phone call with the coach today who has forced me to set targets – I hate that word.

I am still reaching out to my top 100 dream clients. Coach forced me to work out how many phone calls I will have to make to drum up enough meetings to sign-up a new client. Let’s just say it equates to a lot of phone calls.

I am so busy connecting, blogging and writing, I barely have a spare second for my family. I screamed at the kids today as I had to rush out to do some filming for a client and not one of my brood would hang the washing out. Or empty the dishwasher. Or clear up their mess. I have created monsters.

I have a 5am start tomorrow, so here endeth today’s blog.

Personal manifesto

Here’s to 100 days of badassery!

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