Sweat shop – Day 100

I have got to do something about my office (aka the attic). In the summer months, or hot spring days like this, the space is unbearable after midday. I don’t want to go into too much detail about my perspiration levels, but the word ‘drenched’ springs to mind.

My coach rents a groovy air-conditioned office space in a building a few miles away. They do a cheaper option whereby you use a communal space only with little booths for privacy and right now, it looks mighty appealing. Cool air, a coffee machine and snacks – it’s all I need in this moment of time.

I am feeling a bit gutted because I applied to the literary agents’ long-term writing course and got rejected – even though they’d given me a discount code, which my husband says was a marketing tool and nothing to do with me being any good. Looks like he’s kind of right – or let’s be badass about it and say ‘it’s their loss.’

It’s a shame as I was counting on that to spur me on. I will have to do it without them now and continue with the novel alone. I’ve given myself six months to complete it and am managing 500 words a day. Some drivel, some okay’ish.

I spent another hour connecting with my Top 100 clients. I think I have set my targets too high. It is going to take ages to groom these people who are deemed so important, it is nigh on impossible to get hold of their e-mail address or telephone number.

Anyway, I am breaking the task down. A LinkedIn connection here, a tweet there, appearing in their back garden while they are enjoying a family BBQ (just kidding).

I’m taking the day off tomorrow to take my dad to the hospital. My sister is coming and I am going to turn off the phone. It’ll be lunch in the hospital canteen, but it’s the company that counts.

And can I just say, I hugely appreciate your visits, likes and comments. Thanks for reading this blog and sticking with it. You are my kind of badass!

Personal manifesto

I’ve got this! Haven’t I?

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