Once Upon A Time – Day 102

It’s funny how you get answers when you least expect them. This is what happened to me today and it all started when my sister suggested that I watch Tony Robbins – I’m Not Your Guru on Netflix.

Two things resonated with me (aside from the fact that years of hollering at packed venues has made Tony’s voice very hoarse. I was wondering if a collaboration with Fisherman’s Friends might work?) and they were a) Your life can change in a moment and b) Do the thing you were born to do.

I thought about this a lot during my frankly wonderful run along the river today – OMG it was glorious out there.  I know that I was born to tell stories. I find people deeply fascinating, which is why I was a good celebrity interviewer. Now that journalism is dead, how do I make money from telling stories?

In-between reminding myself that I am truly awesome (cos this is what Tony does when he goes for a run) I also decided that it was not possible for me to earn decent money by telling stories. I’m not Shakespeare.

But the universe, fate, call it what you will, had a nice little surprise for me. My husband was all revved up when I got home. He couldn’t wait to show me what he’d found online – a review of a play I wrote a few years back.

A small fringe theatre group had purchased it and it had run for three nights last month. What’s more, it got an incredible review in one of the local papers. I could hardly believe this person whom I had never met, was writing about my little play. Was it really that good?

For three nights, a roomful of people had sat and watched my story unfold. I am guessing that they laughed and some will have been moved. For one hour, they were immersed in a world that I created. Actors spent time learning the lines. A director worked out the best way to show off my story. People paid money to see it! THAT is an incredible feeling.

Of course I can earn money telling stories! That’s enough of the negative thinking. I just have to find a way. Today, I decided that my book is going to be bloody brilliant. If I believe this, then it will be.

Let the writing commence…

Personal manifesto

I was born to tell stories and that is what I am going to do. People are going to pay me handsomely for them. The beers are on me.

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