Smell the blossom – Day 101

I took the day off today. Woohoo! It was lovely. I went my dad to the hospital for a pre-operative check-up, ate sandwiches in the sunshine and caught up on the gossip with my sister.

The hospital visit allowed me to take time away without feeling guilty? Why do I need an excuse?  I am my own boss. It makes me think my work ethic is a bit out of synch.

Things take time. This is a phrase of Jen’s that I remind myself of all the time. I keep berating myself for how little I have achieved, forgetting how much I have. This time two years ago, I was putting in eight hour shifts for a magazine for £100 a day. Today, with card sales and a new student enrolling on my course, I made the same without having to graft. I definitely want more of that.

I’ve also been stopping to smell the blossom a lot lately. I need to do more of that too!

Personal manifesto

Money comes easily to me.




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