Homer Simpson – Day 104

I felt like Homer Simpson today. All I wanted to do was lie in bed and eat doughnuts. But it was Monday, there was work to be done, mantras to be said, new clients to be courted. What was the matter with me?

Deep down, I wonder if I am so driven because I know my true self is really Homer Simpson on Ketamine. If I let go and did what I wanted, perhaps I would literally lie around and eat myself to a size 30.

Anyway, it’s Tuesday today (this post is late) and I feel more human and less like a podgy cartoon character. I’ve been to a ballet class, written a piece for a magazine and am in the process of sorting a competition for a magazine.

Said magazine is a GREAT opportunity for the client, but it is nonetheless like pulling teeth trying to get them to give anything away. They’ll pay thousands for rubbish advertorial, but are reluctant to offer their product as a prize in exchange for a whole page and a mention on the cover of a national magazine. Sometimes PR is such hard work!

I haven’t done any marketing this week and must get onto it, or else I won’t be making those five phone calls a day that my coach has asked me to. That just ain’t gonna happen. It is taking much longer to court my target clients than I anticipated – largely due to the fact that they don’t hang out on social media…or anywhere in fact.

Still, I went for a walk with a friend at the weekend who has promised to set me up a coffee with a key person at a big channel. There’s a lot to be said for sticking with the people I already know and like.


Personal manifesto

I am going places via Badass Express.



  1. I’ve taken myself in hand by using a planner, as I told you, but when I began I made a plan for seven days a week. And now I’ve realized I need a couple days that nothing is planned. Like, serious days off. So from now on, I’m leaving my weekends virtually free so I can follow my nose. I think it’ll be better for me all around. I can’t live with too much regimentation, even if it’s self-imposed! And I don’t want to live a life where I’m working or have responsibilities (aren’t meals and dishes enough? can’t escape those) every damn day. I need some play time.

    There was a study done in recent years where they took business owners/managers/entrepreneurs who worked seven days a week, long hours, worked if they took a holiday (rare of course), and believed that this was necessary if they wanted to be successful.

    The study forced them to take days off (phone free, away from email) and to take holidays where they also didn’t keep in touch with work. What they learned was that when they worked less and took more free time, they were more productive and made smarter decisions and had better new ideas and their businesses were more successful.

    Just sayin’ — driving yourself isn’t necessarily the best or only way to reach your goal.

    Not that I think I’m telling you anything you don’t know. But if you’re like me, you need to be reminded of what you already know.


    • You’re so right! I have this fear of taking my foot off the gas in case I grind to a halt. It is so irrational. I have decided to do two things – say no more often to pointless meetings and to treat time off as a necessity. Sounds easy enough. Let’s see how I get on. We all need play time! Thanks for such a thoughtful comment. I am going to join you with those free weekends.


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