Overthinking – 105

My recent bout of laziness has borne fruit. I’ve been tearing my hair out over how to make the right connections with my top 100 dream clients, but as soon as I took my eye off the ball, several of them were communicating with me on various platforms and it was all so effortless.

I overthink things. Sometimes I am just too ‘in my head’ puzzling over what to do next, how to reach this person, what to say to that person. I think at times, I just need to go with the flow.

The day was dominated by card orders. It’s Mother’s Day in the US and they were coming in thick and fast.

The cards are such a nice way of making money, because it doesn’t take much thinking. Once I’ve worked out the numbers, it is just an exercise in buying and selling. It makes a welcome break from PR at times. Our first big corporate order has gone to the client, so I am hoping that he is happy and will tell all his corporate pals.

I took my husband out for dinner this evening. I got a bit tipsy and we went home and watched reality TV together. That’s my idea of the perfect night out. I have vowed to do more with him. Our kids are old enough not to need babysitters any more and freedom beckons…

Personal manifesto

Being a badass comes easily to me. I don’t think, I just do.

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