Snip, snip – Day 106

I’m writing this in the hairdresser’s. Yes, the hairdresser’s. All I can hear against the backdrop of the radio is the drone of hairdryers and a lot of chatter. That’s my kind of music!

A while back I decided that I was neglecting myself – or my body rather. So, this morning it was the dentist, tomorrow the chiropodist and next week, an eye test. I can’t be a badass if I look a state now, can I?

There’s an early ballet class tomorrow and even though I should be knuckling down to work, I might treat myself. The work will get done.

I did a radio interview today, which went well. The station asked me to write a PR proposal and now is the time to try out a new tactic I learned in my group business coaching sessions.

Myself and the other PR in the room agreed that proposals are a waste of time. Clients often steal ideas or use it to shop around for a cheaper price. The coach suggested I do a workshop whereby I sit down with the client and we come up with a PR strategy. That way, I leave with cash and they then have a clutch of great ideas. Hopefully, they will want me to implement them. If they don’t have the budget for a workshop then they can’t afford me. Simples. Let’s see if they go for it.

Personal manifesto

I’ve got this.

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