Success and the chicken man – 107

I’ve been reading The Success Principles by Jack Canfield and am currently enjoying the’ fantasise about your ideal life’ chapter. That is the easy bit – it’s the doing stuff to make it happen that’s hard.

My bank account is still sparse. My roof is still leaking. My carpets still look as if they’ve been galloped over by a herd of muddy horses – for two decades. Is it that things take time or am I not in the success groove?

I am struggling with the keeping faith bit. To be honest, I think I’d faint with shock if one of my top 100 dream clients turned round and said ‘Yeah, let’s go for it, here’s a big cheque.’ But they have to say that to someone right?

On the plus side, I did some proper writing today, I went to and thoroughly enjoyed my ballet class and I got another PR hit for a new client. And I haven’t eaten any sugar – not sure there are any medals for that though.

The corporate clients love their cards so much they want more and somebody from the US ordered £28 of Christmas cards. In April! Now that’s what I call planning ahead.

Personal manifesto

I believe, I believe, I believe.

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