Down tools – Day 109

Tools were officially downed. It’s the weekend and the day was spent visiting my Dad who is looking a lot better, eating too much and falling asleep whilst watching Britain’s Got Talent. Living the dream!

Seriously though, that is my idea of the perfect Saturday. Nothing much happened. I also read a lot, which is something I want to do more of as I find it helps with my own writing.

I am out with my daughter right now. She’s almost 12 and has grown so much, she needs an entire new wardrobe. This could be expensive were it not for Primark.

The chicken man’s words are still bubbling away in my head. I am going to do the exercises he suggests. He’s very much like Jen without the girlie chat aspect (which I love).

So, enough of my rabbiting, until tomorrow.

Personal manifesto

I am a cash magnet. Wealth and abundance keeps coming right at me.

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