Shopping hell – day 110


I promised my fast-growing daughter a new wardrobe and now wish that I’d followed the gurus advice and chunked the task down. It took almost an entire day. Daughter was as pleased as punched at the end of it, whereas I felt exhausted and broke.

I’ve been reading more of the chicken man and realise I must watch my language. When it comes to the law of attraction words like ‘broke’ should be avoided at all costs.

It takes a lot of focus to think and say positive words all the time. I usually repeat my personal manifesto through my mind when I go for a run (not out loud I hasten to add!), but I missed it this morning thanks to an early eye-test. A fortuitous move as it’s freezing out there.

New glasses have been ordered, which is something. I haven’t had an eye-test for three whole years and now I have to wear them for night driving as well as reading. This is good news because I did alarm my sister when I announced that I couldn’t see a thing whilst hurtling along the M25 in pouring rain at night.

I’m being filmed for a TV show tomorrow, so am doing my preparation today. Seeing as this is the industry I am trying to break into with my PR company, I thought I had better say ‘yes.’ Turns out they need a lot more from me than I had anticipated – it’s been about 4 hours of work so far. Note to self: ask what is required before saying ‘yes’ to anything.

Personal manifesto

I am one helluva positive badass!




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