On the tellybox – day 111

One minute I promise myself I am going to repeat my confidence boosting mantras until my throat is hoarse, the next, I go through an entire day and totally forget to have one positive thought. Fail!

It’s not been all bad. I did the TV show today and I think I was okay, apart from a stray piece of hair that kept threatening to ruin every shot. I bet Lorraine doesn’t have that problem.

It’s coaching tomorrow and I will be asked if I have logged my time and do you know what, I still haven’t found the time to work out what I do with my time. It’s like money, it seems to slip through my fingers. Where does it go?

My day went like this. I got up at 6am and did an hour or work before seeing the kids off to school and going to ballet – the class overran so that was two hours of my time. Then I had to walk the dog. Next, a barrage of e-mailing, washing to be sorted and a bit more research for the TV show.

I left my house at 1pm and returned at 6pm, so that was five hours including travel for the opportunity to appear on telly. As a PR I know that appearing being on the box, albeit briefly, is the best self-publicity you can get, so I couldn’t turn it down.

I earned £800 today. That’s good in my old books, but the new me has got to start thinking bigger. I am almost a third of the way into the year and I haven’t cracked the earning megabucks thing at all.

I’ve got a meeting with a client tomorrow and I am going to present them with some big ideas that will need a budget to match. I am sitting here envisioning a positive outcome. I’ll let you know what happens.

Personal manifesto

I have all the wealth and abundance I could ever desire.


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