Drip, drip, drip – Day 113

Now this is interesting. Small sums of money have been dropping on to my lap. There was £70 out of the blue today, £250 earlier in the week and then another £300. They may only be tiny drops, but if enough of them keep coming at me like this, it’ll be raining £s!

As I have said numerous times before, prior to the Jen books, I was scratching a meagre living as a freelance writer and doing day long shifts at a magazine for £120. It was a huge effort. Now I seem to be earning slightly larger sums by doing very little at all.

Don’t get me wrong, I am still working like a Trojan, but the money doesn’t seem to be coming from the fruits of my labours. It is showing up as if by magic.

I am starting to feel like the money magnet I keep telling myself I am. I have a feeling I just have to keep on going, doing what I am doing and looking for new opportunities.

Remember I said the other day that I fancy working with someone else? I think I bumped into that very person by chance when I popped out to get a coffee. I get a sense that things are coming together and do you know what – I like it!

Personal manifesto

I am one big fat attractive money magnet!

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