Glass half empty? – day 120

Drat. Double drat. Etsy have closed our card shop down. That is so annoying. Sales were doing nicely. We’d sold more than 1000 cards and had gleaned a raft of five star reviews.

I’ve spent the last five hours moving our stock over to Shopify. I am trying to be glass half full about it. It means we now have to get our website up and running. It also means we have to devise a marketing strategy as we’d relied on the traffic that Etsy gets to sell our stock.

Cards just like ours are still being sold all over Etsy, but apparently, somebody dobbed us in for not designing them ourselves – not strictly true as I did design one of them! I suspect it to be a fellow card seller. They’ll be sorry…

Perhaps it is the beginning of something exciting and not the end. It will certainly be a steep learning curve as it was everso simple to take out Google Shopping Ads via Etsy – it’s not so easy with Shopify.

I have to get up at 5am tomorrow, so won’t rabbit on too much… Drat, drat and drat again.

Personal manifesto

I am a crazy card selling badass bitch!

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