Small pleasures – Day 119

I went to a centre that supports adults and children with disabilities today. I knew from the outset that they wouldn’t have a budget for PR, but didn’t have the heart to refuse an invitation to visit.

I met a man called Jason. He must be in his 40s. He is wheelchair bound and cannot speak, yet I was told by the staff that he has a wicked sense of humour. He has a board with words on that he points to as a means of communication. As we chatted and joked,  Jason’s eyes crinkled with laughter. He had the smiliest eyes I have ever seen.

From our brief meeting, I got a sense that Jason was one of those people who loves life. He lives at home with a full time carer and comes to the centre most days. He is surrounded by true friends there and enjoys using their therapy pool as it is the one thing that enables him to move his legs.

Jason was born with disabilities, but many of the adults who use the centre weren’t. Some had strokes, whilst others were in life altering accidents. I didn’t see anyone looking sorry for themselves. There was a real sense of cameraderie. It was such a happy place.

It got me thinking about what’s important. If you are somewhere surrounded by people who care and who you get on with, then all that really matters are the small pleasures. I made a point of enjoying the sunshine on my way home by train. I savoured my food and felt grateful for my able body. I should make the most of all I’ve got while I still have it.

Personal manifesto

I am the luckiest badass alive


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