Thanks Jen – day 121

In the middle of cursing my bad fortune after a rival closed down our Etsy shop (it’s a long story) I picked up Jen Sincero’s You Are A Badassfor a bit of inspiration and guess what – I opened the book to see a chapter on what to do when bad things happen.

When bad things happen, Jen says you need to say to yourself ‘It is good that this happened because….’ and fill in the blank with a positive.

I am pleased to say it worked. I am so fired-up with the desire to do way better than the losers who dobbed us in, I’ve spruced up the social media accounts, got my head around Google Ad Words and basically put a bit of va va voom back into the project.

I’d got lazy. Etsy was doing all the hard work for us. Cheques were rolling in on a regular basis and aside from ordering new lines, I wasn’t really doing much in the way of marketing.

I was missing tricks. I wasn’t linking my products with Instagram and selling them direct from the platform. I had put no effort into building the social media following and hadn’t posted any social media ads for a while.

It is really good that this happened. I have moved our range (well half of it) over to Shopify and we got two orders in the first 24 hours. We’d normally get 5 – 10 and sometimes up to 30 on Etsy, but I know I can build back up to that and some.

There are 1000s of sellers trading in the same cards that we are offering on Etsy and yes it is unfair that we have been singled out. However, the fact that we even have a rival tells me that we’ve been doing something right. They are going to be so sorry…

Personal manifesto

I am the Queen of pop-up cards.


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