Google-eyed – Day 123


I am decidedly Google-eyed now. I’ve spent about five hours staring at a computer screen trying to get my head around Google Ad Words. Goodness me, they don’t make it simple do they?

I have always loved Apple products because an idiot could use them. Honestly, if you gave a monkey an iPad, it’d be watching Planet of The Apes on Netflix before you could say ‘banana loaf.’ It’s just a question of pressing icons until something happens.

The same cannot be said of Google Ad Words, which is only slightly less confusing than Google Analytics. Arrggghhh. All I want is a nice ad with a pretty picture, a few punchy sentences and a Buy Now button. I don’t want to have to do a degree in computer science in order to create it.

I have only spent an hour on the novel this weekend, which is not good. However, I have migrated most of our cards over to the new online store and once the advertising starts to work, we should be back in business again.


Personal manifesto

I am all over this like an intelligent monkey.

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