Magic tricks – Day 124

I have noticed yet again that the magic only works when I take my foot off the gas – you’d think I’d do it more often bearing this in mind!

I am itching to partner up with someone on the PR front and have identified my No. 1 candidate. It’s just been a question of getting round to having a coffee with her.

Yesterday, when I decided to reward myself with some time in the park basking in the evening sunshine, there she was. We both have dogs, so we did a couple of circuits and bounced ideas. I left feeling what Jen calls that ‘visceral’ passion. If I work with somebody like this on a day-to-day basis it will be so much easier to stay in the badass flow.

I’m pitching, I have a few meetings in the pipeline and I really want to expand the business. Not so that I am even busier, but in a way that enables me to hire good people, so I get to do less for more money. That’s the theory anyway.

The whole cards shenanigans continues. 55% of our traffic came from Etsy, so we (the other half and I) are looking at other ways to direct people to our Shopify store. I still haven’t quite got over the whole Etsy thing. We worked hard for a raft of 5 star reviews and had become a trusted seller with regular customers – we have no access to those people any more. The lesson here has got to be, don’t put yourself in a vulnerable position where somebody else has ultimate control over your business.

It’s May, no sign of that £1 million. I really must knuckle down and do what the chicken man says. Universe, if you’re listening, I could really do with pulling something out of the hat right now!

Personal manifesto

I have the Midas touch.


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