Hello? – day 125


So, this coaching malarky really works. As per my business coach’s advice, I sent a pop-up card to one of my top 100 clients and guess what – they called me a week later and asked to meet!

That’s two meetings with the top 100. Really, who needs Meghan and Harry when I have my own royalty battering down the door?

I have commissioned a new website for the cards, got myself an SEO and Google Ads Words expert and come mid June, I’ll be ready to roll, or pop I should say.

I feel motivated and optimistic, all that’s missing is ‘thin’ but you can’t have it all.

It’s not all positive news. The novel has been neglected of late. I have had lots of meetings this week, I am off to do some filming in a minute and I am doing an hour-long talk on Friday. As I am writing this, I realise that I need to block out time in my diary and devote it to the book. No compromise.

Anyway, must dash as there’s footage to grab.

Personal manifesto

The only way is up!


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