Giving the Royal wedding a miss – Day 127

It’s been a week of full-on networking topped off by an hour long talk I gave to some local mumpreneurs this morning. I had to speak for a full hour and wondered how on earth I would fill the time. Turns out I could have gone on all day and I didn’t mention the royal wedding once!

As I was yabbering away about PR I realised that while I know a lot about the subject and can get great results for clients, I don’t work hard enough on my own PR. My goodness, if a PR person can’t PR their own PR business, then what hope is there?

The talk went well I think. I have a meeting in a few weeks with one of the audience members who is looking for a PR to help with a big marketing campaign. Interesting.

I chatted to a LOT of people today. It was fun, but now I feel all talked out. I’m going to go to ballet, pirouette myself into a stupor and fall into bed early.

It’s THE wedding tomorrow, but I am off to the coast with the family and a crop of pop-up cards that need photographing. There are Harry and Meghan masks everywhere I turn. Hmmmm….perhaps we should have designed a royal wedding card while there was still time.

Our latest card order is somewhere in the US while we have mistakenly received a box of cards destined for the States. I wonder if there are any royal wedding cards in there? I’m resisting the urge to open the package and have a peek inside.

Anyway, it’s dance time. Happy Friday to you all!


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I am Queen badass. So there.

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