Beside the sea – Day 128

It was a proper day off yesterday – so proper, I didn’t write my daily post, so here it is, some 24 hours late.

Not much to report. I went to the coast, had a cream tea and ambled along the seafront in the sunshine. I did take a few shots of pop-up cards, but aside from that, I didn’t spare work or the missing £1 million a second thought.

Today (Sunday), I am sat in front of the computer trying to catch up. I’ve got articles, proposals and another blog post to write. I’ve just been downstairs in search of ice-cream, but one of my teens put a tub back in the freezer with less than half a teaspoon left. Still, it was better than nothing.

I should really crack on with the novel, but my motivation is around the same level as the teenagers’ is when I ask them to tidy up.

Personal manifesto

Money is pouring into my life like sunbeams.

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