Time – Day 130

So, I’ve been making a big effort to work out where my time goes and this whole starting and stopping a stopwatch thing doesn’t do it for me. Neither does filling in a spreadsheet. What does do the trick, is blocking out chunks of time in my diary and allocating it to clients.

Each client gets hourly blocks, there are also blocks for novel writing, ballet classes and working on the business. It was all going swimmingly until a travel client asked me to do some on site training. Turns out this is all across the UK and will eat the hours. There is no extra money, so I will have to cut back on the hours spent doing their PR.

My social life seems to be taking off this week too. I am out every night this week. This is unusual for me and I may just celebrate with a gin and tonic tonight. I’ve got a headache and am sure it will help.

Personal manifesto

Time is my bitch.

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