Ups and downs – Day 131

I must admit, I was feeling despondent about things yesterday. I feel utterly wrung out and that £1 m is as elusive as Lord Lucan astride a Dodo. However, after a great meal out with some friends, one of whom is running a successful business which I am sure is set to turnover £1,000,000 very soon, I got a message on my phone – from one of the Top 100.

Whoop. Turns out my coach’s suggestion that I make a list of my top 100 clients and reach out to them is a brilliant idea. That’s about the eighth person to have made contact with me (and there are only 60 on the list right now).

It is somebody I worked with for years, she’s a PR and has too much work to handle. What’s more, the bit she really hates, is the bit I love best – the writing.

So, I am doing a project for her today. It’s for a massive client and it is just the sort of work I want to be doing. Ironically, last night over dinner, we were talking about the power of collaboration and how sometimes, the right person simply appears as if from nowhere.

I hope that is the case here. I feel excited again. And I can’t rabbit too much as I have a meeting in half an hour with another of the Top 100. At this rate, I’ll be hiring a marquee for my summer barbecue..

Personal manifesto

The universe loves me.

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