The GDPR thing – Day 132

I spent much of the day trying to puzzle out what the whole GDPR thing means. I had to wade through a lot of tech talk, which always makes me wonder why some things have to sound so overcomplicated.

The upside of all this is that my inbox is free of marketing rubbish. The downside is, not one person opted into my own newsletter (aka marketing rubbish!). It’s one less job for me to do, but it was a great way of reaching out to potential clients.

The majority of them opened the newsletter and many clicked the links, but it seems it was not exciting enough for one solitary finger to hover over the ‘I’m in’ button.

I can see why. I don’t know about you but I had GDPR overload yesterday as a slew of e-mails fell into my inbox greeting me with ‘You may have heard..etc’ Of course I heard, you’d have to be a mole living on Venus not to!

Anyway, one good thing did happen yesterday. I spoke to a well known soap actress on the phone about doing some personal publicity. I’d love the job, BUT she doesn’t want to pay much for my services.

I wonder if I should do a one-off piece really well for a discount price and then attempt to sign her up for something bigger, but my husband says, and rightly so I think, that the price you start off with is really important.

I hate haggling over money, but it is such an important part of business. I am erring towards the having faith in the universe and standing my ground approach. What do you think?

Personal manifesto

I am worth it!


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