Pop-up business – Day 135

My pop-up business cards are here and they are so amazing, I am almost tempted to send one to myself. They are a 3D calling card like no other I have seen and I will be taking some along to my next Growth Workshop on Friday.

This is ‘growth’ as in business, not in height or girth, although I have vowed to cut back on the carbs a bit to halt my ever expanding waist. I even tried a body conditioning class last night and having seen the arms on some of those women, I’m going back!

I’ve sent cards to 10 of the Top 100 clients, which means I then have to follow them up with a call (I don’t have to, but this is what my coach advises and thus far, he has been proven right). That’s the bit I hate. Cold calling. Ugggh. It reminds me of the time I got a job in the ad sales dept of a local newspaper and didn’t flog one column inch.

My plummy middle-class tones didn’t go down well with the good folk of South London and the young girl who dropped her H’s and called the clients ‘Dahlin’ and ‘love’ got all the commission. I just couldn’t bring myself to pick up the phone and say ‘Alright Dahlin’ to a complete stranger. Still can’t.

I have had LOTS of inquiries since reaching out to the Top 100 Clients and doing a bit more marketing. However, frustratingly, the ones who get back to me are those with the small budgets. What I need to work out is, who are the big payers and who is the person holding the purse strings?

Cards sales are as dead as a Dodo, but our shiny new website is being created as we speak and I am commissioning some designs of my own so that we can get our Etsy shop back up and running.

If there was one word that sums up how I feel today, it’s ‘Gratitude.’ I am lucky. Lucky to be fit and well, surrounded by loved ones and a cash magnet to boot.

Oh and I STILL haven’t meditated…However, I did like Fairweather Walker’s advice about putting a reminder sticker somewhere I can’t miss it. I might try the end of my nose.

Personal manifesto

Things take time. Slowly, slowly catchy monkey.

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